Spreading the word of GOD to the active youth of our communities.

Athletes In Ministry is the leading organization in Anderson County for spreading the word of God through youth-centered recreation and fellowship.

Athletes In Ministry, now a 501c3 charitable organization, was founded in 2015. Since then we have engaged more than 1000 individuals in such activities as our sports camp, a family-focused field day, a mission trip to Honduras, Christian concerts and other activities.


Youth and families involved in AIM are looking ahead to some exciting things, like our volleyball and baseball programs, another series of camps and even a sports mission trip overseas! These are exciting ways to reach more young people and families to experience the positive life lessons that come from both sports and worship.


Youth and families involved in AIM Ministries are looking ahead to some exciting things, like our volleyball and baseball programs and a series of sports camps.




Mission Trips

AIM incorporates our ministry to other communities across the United States and around the world through sports mission trips.


Travel adventures are a perfect way to serve others through Jesus Christ.


Serving communities of the world is one way to share God’s love.


AIM Ministries shares scripture from the Bible across the country.

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We always love the chance to share about AIM and how it has changed our lives and the youth involved.